Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{ DailyDIY } 04.17.12 Beaded Button Down Shirt.

This is a little late for some, but here in Arkansas it's chilly enough in the mornings to appreciate a longer sleeve that can be rolled up in the heat of the day! Or rolled down when you have to be in some absurdly over air conditioned building =)
The Beaded Button Down Inspiration

They suggest "any button down shirt" but I would qualify that:
  1. It will need a sturdier material to support the weight of the beads without flumping over unattractively. A medium weight Egyptian cotton would be wonderful.
  2. It should be tailored to your body shape. Make sure you like the fit of your clothing before you embellish it, else you're wasting your time. Or "practicing" your technique, I suppose...
  3. This would be really cute on half-placket shirts, and can be done to any shirt at all! Don't stop here if you like the idea :)
  4. Laura comments that it is now hand-wash only. I don't have time for that; if you don't either, I recommend tying a double knot every 1-2 beads, depending on the weight of the beads. Then wash on delicate cycle with your delicates!

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