Sunday, August 17, 2008


I mean, who isn't excited about Michael Phelps yet?! Competing in 8 events is grueling enough, but gold in all eight is simply phenomenal. I can't help but admire with his hunger for a challenge, from when he was 8 (is it fate? haha) and the breast stroke wasn't his natural or easiest stroke so he chose to pursue that and master that. Not only that, he's a very intelligent strategist: holding back in a prelim to power through a relay is obvious at first glance, but think about it. Olympic pools are *huge* - you can't see everyone and where they are. How does he know when to swim a bit faster or slower? Or deciding nearly instinctively to chop and not glide to beat Cavic? (and as a former athlete, I'd argue they are decisions, just very very streamlined ;) ) After all this, and he's still a momma's boy: after winning his 8th, he says "I kinda just want to see my mom". Awww! Phelps truly embodies what the Olympics is all about: true competition, smarts and willpower. Big bravo to Mr. Phelps.


Kylie B said...

Yes it has been fantastic, even though I am an Australian!

Mary Jayne Cards said...

Phelps is incredible to watch! My problem is I don't get any cards made when he's on TV. :)