Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice!

To celebrate the longest day of the year, I kicked off my Bike Commute Challenge: to see how long I can cycle to work without resorting to other transportation. I've covered my car - it's in Tyvek now - and while I won't be heartbroken if I take the bus, it's going to fun to see how long the streak will be! 

Part 1, Day 1: Success!

It was even a great ride. The Bike Gods must have been smiling upon me! Everyone passed me well on the outside of the 3 feet distance they're legally required to give me, and I even had both sets of doors opened for me when I arrived at work. It might have been to avoid my sweaty tomato-face, but I'm sure it was really just that good ol' Southern hospitality.....Right?!

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